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You are just a few clicks away from searching thousands of professional, reliable, and the most entertaining event vendors in the country. is the premiere showcase for Party Pro's across North America. If you are planning a party or wedding, you can find the very best vendors with just a click of your mouse. vendors are professional and dependable. Whether your looking to hire a DJ or need a Photo Booth has you covered. Whatever the event, our professional vendors can make it perfect!

Planning Parties and Events has changed over the past 5 years. Finding the right vendor is now almost completely done using Internet based searching. With over 30 different types of Party Specialist and over 40 different Types of Parties / Events will be your 1 stop shop for your Party and Event needs. Searching can be done 3 different easy ways: you can search by the vendor type, you can search by the party type, and you can even search by your local area.

Our specialty at is helping our visitors plan their party / event. We want to make sure that this is a fun experience and not stressful for you. We provide you with detailed information for each of our Party Specialists. You can read a detailed description about each of our vendors, read their references, view their photos, and even visit their company web site.

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2015 Wedding Trends

Couples are becoming more creative and making unique choices when planning their wedding day.  In the upcoming year you will see more weddings performed at houses.  A home provides a more personal and intimate feeling for both the new couples and friends.  Having a simple elegant wedding can be just as memorable and beautiful than if you paid thousands of dollars.  When thinking of bridesmaid dresses choose one color then let the bridesmaid choose her own dress, one she will feel comfortable in and like.  This will take some of the pressure and stress off the bride and guarantee’s the dress will be worn again, just make sure you elaborate to your attendants on how formal the dress should be.  Choosing the right wedding dress does not have to be as stressful as we make it. 

2015 trends will bring ruffles to the dress.  Not big overdone ruffles but ones that will highlight special details and help the dress come to life.  Picking the right veil can be just as important as the dress; the bird cage veil is becoming more popular.  The vintage look that combines a jeweled clip or headpiece is very elegant looking and hassle free.  We will see classy veils where the netting just covers the brides face, giving everybody the opportunity to see her shine.  The bird cage veil allows the bride to add some glamour and class to her dress while providing less hassle then the traditional long veil.  Planning one of the happiest days of your life does not have to be stressful the upcoming year we will see many trends that help reduce the stress yet add glamour and style to weddings.


Pick Up Your Heels and Start Partying

There is nothing more fun than attending a party or wedding reception, or throwing a party of your own, and surrounding yourself with friends and family, good music, and fabulous food. These days, people will throw a party for just about any reason including weddings, birthdays, promotions, holidays, wine tasting, beer tasting, or any other reason you can think of and even ones you can't. But what makes the parties and wedding receptions of today different than the parties of times gone by is that today parties are a lot more elaborate and an entire party can be planned while sitting in front of the computer. Even a bride can plan her wedding and wedding reception without leaving her desk.

Businesses know that the Internet is such an integrated tool in our lives so it only seems natural that companies that offer party products and services make themselves available online. Here at Online Party Sites, we have gathered all the vendors under one roof to provide you with all your party needs, including products and services for weddings, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and other special events. If you are a bride planning a wedding to remember, we can help you with tips and ideas as well as provide you with contact information for vendors in your area. Brides will also find our listing of bridal shows occurring all over the United States helpful for planning their big day.

Party hosts looking for party themes will find our list of ideas and vendor directories with links to themed decorations very helpful. We have party theme ideas for all ages and occasions. Brides choose us to help plan their weddings and wedding reception because they can trust that our vendors are reputable and responsible. We also provide a list of important information to do when working with vendors, like having a contract. Moms visit our website to find a list of vendors for kid's party entertainers in their area. Even business owners use our directories to find unique ways to host corporate events.

Birthday parties, brides, weddings, and wedding reception planning aren't all we do. We have directories for every state to help you find caterers, dancers, florists, limousines, photographers, DJs, and even psychics. We also have listings for travel and resorts to help you when partying far from home or when you need a place for your party goers to stay.

2015 Birthday Trends

There are thousands of different birthday party themes to choose from.  The days of birthday cake and playing pin the tale on the donkey are gone.  Kids are now asking for more sophisticated experiences for their birthday party.Our party staff has compiled a list of the newest and hottest birthday trends for 2011. 

Pamper Me Parties - Even kids like to get pampered.  So how about having a spa birthday party.  Take the girls for a day of pampering with massages and nails.  In some cases this type of party can be quite expensive, so you might consider creating a spa in your home.  Talk to your local massage therapist and nail technician, they might be able to come to you and save you lots of money.

Video Dance Parties - Tired of the same old party?  Well turn up your next party up!  Make your event a Video Dance Party, where the dj plays music videos instead of just cds.  The dj will bring out large screens to play the videos and will create a fun exciting atmosphere for your birthday party.  With advancements in technology many djs can offer you a large music video library.  No matter if you want the 70's or today's hottest music, you have it on video.

Paparazzi Parties - Does your child like the spot light?  Well bring the spot light to them!  Dress your guests up in their fanciest clothes.  Gather up some adults with there camera to be the paparazzi.  Select a few locations to visit, and have the paparazzi waiting to take there pictures.  It will be a fun night and you will enjoy watching the public trying to figure out who the celebrities are.

Extreme Parties - Does your child have a sense for adventure?  Maybe you should plan a Extreme birthday party.  The most popular Extreme party is Paint ball, you and your guests are grouped onto a team and complete against a rival team.  The object is to capture the other teams flag and not to get shot with a paint ball.  This activity is a blast, but make sure that the kids are wearing all necessary protective equipment.

Ball Park Parties - One of the coolest birthday trends is to take the kids to a ball game.  From professional teams to local teams, your city has a sports franchise.  Dress up with the team apparel, grab some hot dogs and cheer for your team.  Contact the sports team general office to see if they offer discounted group rates and if they can set up a special activity for the group.  Sometimes this includes birthday wishes on the jumbo tron and even meeting some of the players for autographs.

Click here to view more party themes.


Bar Mitzvah Planning – The Basics

In Jewish culture, the bar or bat mitzvah is an important ceremony. It is the rite of passage that many Jewish parents, and by extension, their children, take very seriously. Despite the seriousness of the event, it is also a party of sorts, and can be a rather joyous occasion. So, while there is a religious ceremony going on, the celebration taking place afterward is where the planning comes in. Bar mitzvah planning can be rather expensive, but they can be done on a budget if diligent attention is paid to the bottom line.

The first step in your bar mitzvah planning is to consult with your rabbi or local synagogue on a proper date. Usually the date is chosen soon after the child's 12th (for a girl) or 13th (for a boy) birthday. Larger synagogues require more lead time—possibly up to a year or more. After all, if there are several Jewish children in the neighborhood around the same age as your child, you'll be waiting for a good date. Once the date is set, a budget must be set as well. This budget affects everything you do from that point forward, from the food, to the refreshments, to the entertainment, and even the guest list. The budget isn't a mere suggestion, but a hard number you must adhere to in order to avoid overspending.

Once you have a time, place, and budget set, it's time to think about the food. This is the next logical stage of bar mitzvah planning. Remember that depending on the synagogue you attend, all food served at the party must be kosher. Oftentimes synagogues will have a list of approved caterers to use to make sure the food is kosher. If there is no such restriction, use your best judgment on what style of meal you'll have. It could be a full meal or just light refreshments; it's all up to you. If the party will be small enough, consider cooking the food yourself.

It goes without saying that some type of photos will be taken. You can hire a photographer or you can entrust a family friend to take pictures and video of the event. Quality digital cameras are cheap now, and you can usually get them back faster and cheaper than hiring a pro. Finally, a vital part of the bar mitzvah planning process is the order of the events. Any speeches or music must be taken into account, so make sure to obtain the necessary items, such as microphones and sound equipment.

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